Ticket distribution has begun

This second day of the TQO was in line with the first, panting with confrontations necessarily very committed and often a very close. It must be said that some were synonymous, in case of victory, with a ticket to Tokyo. Thus in -63 kg and -81 kg in men, in -51 kg, in -60 kg, in -69 kg and in -75 kg in women.

The afternoon began with a disappointment, that of the Armenian Hovhannes Bachkov (-63 kg), two times world bronze medallist and winner of Sofiane Oumiha in the final of the European Games 2019, but arrested on injury (open eyebrow arch), to his great displeasure, ahead of the Russian Gabil Mamedov. Who is no stranger since he was vice-champion of Europe in 2017. Still in lightweight, England’s Luke McCormack, 2017 European runner-up, did as well as his twin brother Pat (-69 kg) the day before, dominating Turkey’s Tugrul Han Erdemir. To believe that the pugilistic technique and the flamboyance between sixteen strings are inscribed in the family genes. Azerbaijani Javid Chalabiyev, 2013 World Champion of… Roosters, meanwhile, fought a battle of all times by harassing the equally active Irishman Georges Bates in the four corners of the ring. The duelists offered a disheveled spectacle. Having touched more than his valiant rival, Javid Chalabiyev prevailed on the edge.

On the women’s side, the leaders held their own

In -81 kg, the Englishman Benjamin Whittaker had to fight to overcome, again on the adge, the solid Swede Lindon Nuha as well as the Azerbaijani of Cuban origin, Loren Berto Alfonso Dominguez (-81 kg), against the valiant Russian Imam Khataev. A sign that light heavyweights are an extremely dense category. In the heavyweight category, the Russian Muslim Gadzhimagomedov (-91 kg), reigning world champion, with a more complete and much more mobile boxing, foiled without great difficulty the monolithic pressing of his young and promising opponent, the Frenchman Wilfried Florentin. Vice-champion of Europe 2017, the Englishman Cheavon Clarke continues his journey just like his compatriot and namesake, the super-heavy Frazer Clarke (+91 kg), also continental gold medalist.

On the women’s side, the leaders held their rank in the image of the Turkish Buse Naz Cakiroglu (-51 kg), European champion and vice-champion of the world in 2019, who triumphed over the Belarusian Yuliya Apanasovich thanks to her speed of execution and her flow of shots. In the lightweight category, Ireland’s Kellie Harrington, the 2018 world champion, used all the strings to contain the tricolour hurricane Maïva Hamadouche. In welters, Turkey’s Busena Surmeneli, also a gold medallist at the Worlds in 2019, as well as Ukraine’s Anna Lysenko, who has already climbed twice on a planetary podium, and Italian world champion Angela Carini won. They were imitated by the English Caroline Dubois, in lightweight, and Lauren Price, in means, who therefore also paved the way for Japan. The hierarchy of -75 kg has also been respected with the successes of the Russian Zenfira Magomedalieva, double vice-champion of the world and Europe, and the Dutch Nouchka Fontijn vice-champion Olympic in Rio.

« The organization of this TQO was a real adventure »

It should be noted that the Dome of Villebon-sur-Yvette was visited by the French Minister in charge of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu. « The organization of this TQO was a real adventure, both for the ministry and for the French Boxing Federation, she explained. I myself validated the entire health protocol. We worked hand in hand to give the athletes the opportunity to go to the end of this tournament that began in London. It was essential to organize this competition in France. We want the Tokyo Games to be held and to be magnificent for us French.  » As long as you qualify for it of course.

Translated by Laurence Lorenzon