General Information

Boxing Road to Tokyo
European Olympic Qualifying Event
From 04 to 08 June 2021 – Grand Dôme – Villebon-sur-Yvette

The only European event for qualification to the Tokyo 2021 Olympic’s boxing tournament will be held near Paris from 04 to 08 June 2021. The Grand Dôme, in Villebon-sur-Yvette, will welcome boxers from all around the continent willing to secure qualification for Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.
Each of the 5 days of competition will contain 2 sessions, one starting at 2 pm and the other starting at 6 pm.
The remaining quota places will be attributed by the IOC Task Force Following the last day of competition.

At the end of the tournament, 50 quotas will have been delivered to men and 27 to women.

Here is an overall view of the quota distribution throughout the different qualifying events :

Important: The quota place is allocated to the athlete by name.

Men quota places

Women quota places

Maximum Number of Quota Places per NOC  

The tournament will take place over 5 days through several rounds of competition, covering preliminaries, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. 

Boxers will secure qualification for the Olympics at different stages in the tournament (depending on how many places are available at their weight class).
In weight classes where there are six qualification places available any boxer that wins their quarter-final will secure a place at Tokyo 2021.  The four losing quarter-finalists will then compete again in two Box-Offs, where the winners of those bouts will secure qualification for Tokyo 2021.

For the weight class where there are five qualification places available, any boxer that wins their quarter-final will secure Olympic qualification. The losing quarter-finalists will compete again in two Box-Offs with the winners of those contests then entering a second Box-Off where the victor will secure the fifth and final qualification slot for Tokyo 2021.

In the weight classes with 3 qualification places available, competitors will be able to secure their place at Tokyo in their semi-finals, or, for one of the two boxers defeated in their semi-finals, after a Box-Off.

Competition Format

In line with the mandate of primarily delivering the Olympic Boxing Qualifying Events and the boxing tournament at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, and considering the proximity to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, the IOC Boxing Task Force has considered it appropriate to refer to the existing AIBA Technical & Competition Rules (the “AIBA Rules”) to the extent that these rules are relevant for the Olympic Boxing Qualifying Events and the boxing tournament at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, and to complement the AIBA Rules with specific amendments only as and where necessary and/or adequate in this context. In the interest of sporting fairness, the IOC Boxing Task Force has endeavoured to restrict the amendments to those that increase transparency and credibility while limiting their impact on the actual sport practice for the Boxers.

Accordingly, the AIBA Rules, effective as of 9 February 2019 and as amended by the IOC Boxing Task Force Amendments (together the “BTF Event Regulations”), shall constitute the IOC Boxing Task Force Event Regulations, applicable at the Olympic Boxing Qualifying Events and the boxing tournament at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021.

  • Seedings will be in place for the Official Draw, conducted in accordance with the IOC Boxing Task Force rankings and taking past competition performances into consideration.
  • The Official Draw will be conducted by Swiss Timing through an electronic random draw for all non-seeded Boxers.
  • Two rings will be used throughout the competition until the last two days of the event.

Competition Officials 

All officials will be reviewed to ensure they meet the selection criteria in areas including but not limited to experience levels, certifications and historical performances. In addition, all Technical Delegates, International Technical Officials and Referees & Judges must be AIBA-certified individuals according to their roles.

Additional information can be found in the Boxing Technical Officials Selection Process document, available at


What is the earliest that a boxer can qualify?

Some boxers already qualified during the first part of the event, in London in March 2020, before the sanitary crise began. The competition will resume on June 4th 2021 where it stopped in March 2020. Some competitors will be qualified as soon as the first day of the event.

Which COVID-19 protocols will be in place for the remaining qualification events?

The BTF and Local Organising Committees are working jointly with the local health authorities to define the event COVID-19 protection plans. Some of the countermeasures defined by the BTF include:

  • Mandatory COVID-19 tests prior to the arrival of all participants
  • COVID-19 tests during the competition period
  • Reduction in number of Team Officials that will be allowed per delegation
  • Limit of two seconds per boxer on the FOP
  • Limit in transport capacity.

The BTF will share these details with the respective teams prior to the events.

Will a COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory for participants at the remaining qualification events?

Nobody will be required to have received a vaccine in order to participate in the European qualification events. The policies and COVID-19 countermeasure protocols outlined in the Team Handbook will apply to all participants, whether or not they have been vaccinated.

Will participants need to submit a negative PCR test before travelling to and during the qualification events?

Yes, a COVID-19 PCR test must be undertaken by all participants within 72 hours of departure for and upon arrival in the host city, and throughout the event (every four days). Additional details will be included in the Team Handbooks.

Are there plans to reduce the number of participants at the remaining qualification events?

The BTF has decided to reduce the number of Team Officials per delegation by an average of 30 per cent, while fully eliminating all non-essential participation across the qualifying events, including the activation booths present at previous qualifiers. The Local Organising Committees will optimise operations and reduce their workforce accordingly.

Is it mandatory for participants of the European Qualifiers to obtain the appropriate insurance cover?

Yes, all participants must have their own travel, medical, repatriation and liability insurance, including for COVID-19 care.

Will participants need to quarantine upon arrival in the host cities organising the remaining qualification events?

Only individuals that have COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19 or are identified as having a high probability of being infected (via contact tracing) will have to quarantine upon arrival.

What happens if an athlete tests positive prior to their scheduled bout at the qualification events?
In the case of a boxer who tests COVID-19 positive prior to their scheduled bout, the bout in question will not take place, with an official result being generated as “Win by Walk-Over” for the individual’s opponent. 6/6

What happens if an athlete test positive to Covid-19 after having competed at the remaining qualification events?

If an athlete is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or tests COVID-19 positive after having boxed in any phase of the competition, the results of the bouts that the athlete took part in will not change. This includes the Olympic quota places obtained in the event in accordance with the Boxing Qualification System for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021.

If a team delegation member has to go into quarantine during the event period, who will be responsible for the accommodation and other additional costs?

Event participants who have to quarantine will be responsible for any additional costs, including additional hotel nights and meals.

Will face masks be provided to all participants at the remaining qualification events?

All participants will be responsible for their own masks, and all masks must have a minimum of two layers. We remind everyone always to wear a mask when outside their hotel room, and change the mask if this is soiled.

Will the LOC/BTF help participants arrange PCR tests before flying back home from the qualification events?

Yes. Please make sure you are up to date on the requirements for entering your home destination country, as well as any countries you will pass through in transit. If you require a COVID-19 test to enter your country of transit or destination, testing logistics and the necessary documentation can be arranged by the Local Organising Committee. However, all pre-departure tests are the full responsibility of the respective team delegations, including the costs of these tests.