Bennama and Kistohurry will go to the Olympics

The two french men completed their mission and won their tickets for Tokyo, Tuesday 17 March 2020, during the last day of the European Olympic Qualifying Event in London.

Billal Bennama (-52 Kg) only had one bout left to carry off, in the round of 16th, easier said than done. However the boxer from Blagnac pulled off a great performance at the decisive moment once again by dominating the German boxer Hamza Touba (5-0).

In the beginning Billal was a little of his game because of the pressure of the event, as any athletes would be, admit John Dovi, general manager of the French male team. He was so eager to perform that he sometimes confused speed with haste and had less control over the bout as he normally does. He was hit a few times as a result of his inattention. However, he made the difference building in with his right jab and by being more incisive and precise. He constantly pushed forward and landed more punches than his opponent.”

In the third round Hamza Touba seemed tired and turned down physical while the French boxer remain active and his stamina that led him straight to Japan.

« Samuel did what he had to »

Samuel Kistohurry (-57 Kg) will follow him there after his neat victory over the Belgian Vasile Usturoi, also in the round of 16th. He already new his opponent from previous training sessions in France and used his strength to overcome. He was compact in a style that reminds of professional boxing.

Samuel was very aggressive and came out on the good side of a very intense bout, especially during the first round in which both boxers hit very hard, tells John Dovi. This was what had to be done against Vasile Usturoi who dodged well and was very quick on his feet. It has been hard for Samuel to find the right distance in the beginning but once he did he managed to deliver long series of punches to the body and face. He was more determined and powerful when the Belgian was less and less accurate.” Congratulations!